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About Mint Communications

About Mint Communications

Jack and Janet Nowicki are the owners of Mint, a high-quality creative design agency in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, with corporate and SME clients throughout the UK and Europe. 

We operate in both traditional- and online media for clients in trade and consumer markets on 'one-off' jobs through to multi-faceted campaigns.

Branding & Design


Web and Digital


Direct Mail

Video & Photography

Events & PR


Each client's needs are different. So, Janet and I often have,
er, 'constructive' creative discussions as to how to achieve the most cost-effective solution!

Getting more for your money

We're well aware that marketing budgets are being squeezed in all sectors. That's a key benefit of working with us: quite simply, you get more for your money. We deliver the highest quality work and service without the usual overheads associated with agencies. Plus, we've over twenty years' agency and client experience in a wide range of B2B and B2C markets.

The best creative solution for your budget

Another advantage is that we're creatively- and media independent, so we'll give you the best advice for your project or campaign and not just what might fit an agency's particular skill set or limited experience. Therefore, you can trust us to produce the most appropriate creative solution for you business objectives.

A direct, personal service

There are no intermediaries or juniors at Mint - you'll deal directly with Janet and me. And, because it's our business, we give the best possible service to all our clients, many of whom we have known for many years and are good friends.

I hope you like the way we work and, if you're the type of client who values sales-driven creativity and great service, we'd love to hear from you.

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